Powerfleet, Inc. today announced IMC Logistics, LLC, the largest marine drayage provider in the United States, has deployed its SaaS-based, data-agnostic platform, Unity.

Through using Unity’s data highway, large amounts of data can now be ingested, harmonized, and simplified within a single pane of glass, offering actionable insights and real-time visibility of IMC’s unpowered and untethered assets across hundreds of locations in North America.

With Unity now consolidating large amounts of IMC’s data from numerous sources and IoT devices, the pain of having multiple providers and portals has been eliminated. This unification makes the platform a future-proof solution – as IMC grows and evolves, Unity eases the friction of standard mergers and acquisitions activity by rapidly consuming and harmonizing the new data sets.

This partnership has also solved asset visibility challenges for IMC and helped mitigate the need for constant search and re-evaluation of equipment. By standardizing installation, they have been able to further reduce frustration and duplication of efforts.

"It has been an exemplary experience with the Powerfleet team every step of the way from the pre-sales process through to contract execution and technical deployment,” said Carl Schultz, Vice President of IT at IMC. “Powerfleet Unity is purpose-fit to empower our digital transformation and Powerfleet’s people truly care, a winning combination and a formula for success. In short, Unity brings order to our data chaos."

IMC leverages the Unity platform and Asset Gateway product, taking full advantage of Powerfleet’s best-in-class hardware and SaaS software solutions – resulting in complete, real-time asset visibility from port to final destination.

“This partnership is a perfect illustration of the transformative power of data and how it can unify operations to achieve business objectives,” said Steve Towe, Chief Executive Officer at Powerfleet. “The IMC team is revolutionizing the transportation space, and we are honored to work with a company that is similarly dedicated to ongoing innovation to better serve customers."