Intangles, an AI-powered predictive maintenance platform for the trucking industry, today announced InRoute Connect™, a product designed to significantly improve the turnaround time of commercial vehicles in need of maintenance while on the road.

With the click of a button, InRoute Connect users can immediately turn Intangles’ AI insights into action. As soon as an Intangles-powered fleet receives a predictive alert warning that there’s an issue with a vehicle, the fleet manager can take immediate action and direct the truck to a preferred maintenance shop on the truck’s route right from the Intangles platform.

“Fleet owners can’t afford to have their trucks broken down by the side of the road or spend time scrambling to find a suitable repair shop on the route,” said Alan McMillan, president of Intangles, Americas. “InRoute Connect leverages our AI-powered insights and marries them to a network of maintenance shops across North America. Intangles’ predictive alerts coupled with InRoute Connect allow fleet managers to turn predictive insights into action, and avoid having an impact on the truck’s delivery schedule.”

Intangles’ predictive maintenance platform detects issues with a vehicle long before a truck’s diagnostic trouble code is triggered, giving fleet managers time before the truck breaks down to quickly act on the alert and direct the driver to a nearby service facility. Using patented and proprietary algorithms and state-of-the-art software and hardware architecture, the technology which is now installed in over 175,000 vehicles around the globe, helps Intangles clients avoid expensive repairs and towing charges, and reduces downtime.

InRoute Connect includes:

  • A robust database of registered service centers across North America
  • The ability for fleets to choose preferred service centers in the platform
  • A list of services at any given service location
  • Functionality that allows for users to rate and comment on preferred service stations. Ratings are kept private and segregated by account to keep reviews honest
  • Routing instructions and service center contact information
  • The ability for customers and service providers to upload their location information into InRoute Connect

“We designed InRoute Connect as a foundation to give fleets complete visibility and control over the repair and maintenance process from beginning to end,” McMillan added. “Managing a fleet can be stressful. InRoute Connect puts the power and control over the entire process in their hands. Like all of our products, InRoute Connect is structured to make truck maintenance and repair as easy as possible.”