Recognition Provides Valuable Insights into Evolving Technological Trends

IntelliTrans, was selected as a Top 100 Logistics & Supply Chain Technology Provider for 2024 by Inbound Logistics magazine. IntelliTrans was selected for its SaaS-based Transportation Management System that provides shipment execution and visibility across rail, truck, intermodal, barge, and ocean shipments.

"It is truly an honor to be named a top 100 logistics IT provider," says Chad Raube, CEO of IntelliTrans. “Clients benefit from using our robust TMS, which empowers users to identify and mitigate real-time shipment issues, keep customers informed of delivery timing, and track historical performance of key KPIs to develop plans to further optimize operations.”

"With technology in the logistics and supply chain space evolving rapidly, it's crucial to recognize and celebrate the companies driving innovation for shippers," says Felecia Stratton, Editor of Inbound Logistics. “We are excited to uncover the trailblazers in the supply chain and logistics tech industry whose solutions are transforming the landscape. This recognition honors excellence and provides valuable insights into the evolving technological trends within our industry."

IntelliTrans TMS: a cloud-based transportation management system (TMS) designed to drive optimizations your entire supply chain that offers a comprehensive solution for businesses that ship goods via rail, truck, ocean, or barge.

• Increased On-Time Deliveries: Gain real-time visibility into your shipments, leading to improved on-time deliveries by up to 20%.

• Reduced Costs: IntelliTrans TMS automates processes, saving you time and money. You can expect a 35% boost in employee productivity and a 5-10% reduction in total transportation costs.

• Proactive Delay Management: Advanced analytics identify potential issues before they become problems, allowing you to react quickly and minimize disruptions.

• Holistic Visibility: Unlike other TMS solutions, IntelliTrans provides seamless shipment tracking across all transportation modes, giving you a complete picture of your supply chain.

• Data-Driven Decision Making: The platform integrates data from various sources, enabling you to find the most affordable and reliable carriers for your needs. This can lead to significant cost savings, with some users experiencing a 77% reduction in demurrage rates.

• Reduced Headaches: IntelliTrans TMS helps you handle a range of common challenges, including managing contracts, minimizing demurrage costs, improving on-time deliveries, controlling transportation expenses, and tracking your shipments in real time.

The entire top 100 list can be viewed here: https://www.inboundlogistics.c....