JetASAP announced their latest charter activity report and average market pricing. Entering the New Year, JetASAP fliers experienced an overall 4% decrease in charter rates in the first weeks of January as the industry comes out of holiday peak season travel. This trend can be seen over all classes of jet aircraft following an overall increase from November to December in which rates increased an average of 2.6%, except heavy jets, which showed a 7% decrease during the same period.

Broken down by category, January quotes revealed light jet pricing decreased by 6%, while mid jet pricing decreased by 5% and heavy jets decreased by 4%. The most surprising change occurred in the super mid class, which decreased by 16%. Turbo props were the exception, where pricing remained relatively unchanged after increasing 9% from November to December.

Pricing data is based on 2,830 live operator-generated quotes received by fliers during the period. Since its inception in 2020, the company has been able to accumulate and share valuable charter rate data.

JetASAP offers an on-demand charter option via an app which allows fliers to receive direct access to charter aircraft operators without any commissions, prepaid jet card memberships or high buy-in costs. By connecting fliers directly with aircraft operators, clients are able to receive live quotes from operators’ sales teams that are ready to book. JetASAP clients receive an average of seven quotes per trip request and may begin receiving quotes within minutes from the request.