Jitsu, the last mile delivery provider that helps brands meet and exceed customer expectations, today announced it is expanding into the Detroit Metro area and surrounding suburbs. With this expansion, the company now provides last mile delivery services to 23 of the top metro areas in the United States. Jitsu’s expansion into Detroit includes a sortation center located in Highland Park, Michigan that is capable of delivering last mile delivery shipments via a fleet of delivery service partners (DSPs) and gig drivers.

Now home to over 633,000 residents, the city of Detroit has experienced significant growth in the last two years. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, Detroit gained nearly 2,000 residents between 2022 and 2023 — moving the city ranking up from the 29th to the 26th biggest U.S. city based on total population.

“Jitsu’s expansion into Detroit is a direct result of the feedback we’ve received from the brands we serve and their need for improved last mile delivery capabilities in the Detroit Metro area. This expansion is key to our momentum within the midwest region while also reflecting Jitsu’s dogged determination to respond to our customers' needs,” said Raj Ramanan, CEO, Jitsu. “In addition, Detroit is part of a community-driven redevelopment project. By extending our last mile delivery services into Detroit, we are able to capitalize on the synergies between the Detroit market and our existing presence in Chicago.”

The new Jitsu sortation center will be located in the Means Logistics Park on Hamilton Avenue. Situated five miles from downtown Detroit, the industrial facility was recently part of a redevelopment project by Ashley Capital.

Jitsu has experienced tremendous growth this year, helping top brands improve the doorstep delivery experience and exceed customer expectations. Recently, Jitsu, in collaboration with Coresight Research, surveyed consumers and senior-level retail executives to gain deep insights on the last-mile delivery space from both the consumer and brand perspective. According to the survey findings, two-day or faster delivery options were correlated with a 10.5% uplift in conversion rates and an 8.9% increase in repeat purchases. The research made clear that Jitsu’s ability to give brands more control over their shipping strategies helps improve brand reputation, increase customer loyalty, and drive major revenue gains.