Another business location operated by the Klosterfrau Healthcare Group is being equipped with the Pick-by-Vision solution from Picavi this summer. The subsidiary, Artesan Pharma GmbH & Co. KG, which is based in Lüchow in the state of Lower Saxony, has ordered ten pairs of smart glasses from the world’s market leader in this segment. The new project in the Wendland region is based on the successful cooperation between the two corporations in Berlin. The switch to Picavi smart glasses there provided time savings of up to 30 percent for workers picking small parts.

“Our experience with Picavi has been excellent so far. We’ve already been successfully using the pick-by-vision technology at our factory in Berlin since 2016. This was why we made the decision in the middle of the year to deploy these smart glasses for picking operations at our business location in Lüchow too,” says Andreas Paul, Logistics Manager for the Klosterfrau Healthcare Group, explaining the background to the decision to make procedures even more digital at his corporation’s branch in Lower Saxony. “Our workers become more confident in their work thanks to the smart glasses – that is to say, they make fewer mistakes and are faster. This then enables them to become more involved in other value-creating processes.”

Carsten Funke, Chief Sales Officer at Picavi, believes that the establishment of a second site with smart glasses within the Klosterfrau Healthcare Group is simply confirmation of the success of operations so far. “Our goal remains, firstly, to equip fairly big intralogistics warehouses with our pick-by-vision solution on a large scale and, secondly, supply new business locations of existing customers with the benefits of the smart glasses. As the technical requirements for introducing our product already normally exist due to cooperation in the past, the investment costs quickly pay for themselves.”

Both corporations had agreed to adapt their IT processes in Lüchow to make them suitable for using the Picavi smart glasses. As a result, it is possible to make use of the SAP S/4HANA program for data warehousing in the rollout of the new picking application for enterprise resource planning.

Artesan operates as a so-called contract manufacturer for the pharmaceutical industry within the Klosterfrau Healthcare Group. As a premium partner for the sector, Artesan produces solid forms like tablets or lozenges, but also liquid substances like juices and drops. Originally founded as Artesan Pharma in Jesteburg, the business site was moved to Lüchow in 1973. Artesan has been a subsidiary of the Klosterfrau Healthcare Group for almost two decades.