Konexial today launched the My20 LogiCam Ai video management system.

Konexial launched the My20 LogiCam Ai video management system (VMS) technology that integrates road and driver facing cameras with live telemetry data to create the ultimate Live Supply Chain™ solution to detect, correct, and prevent incidents—before they become major supply chain failures or accidents. My20 LogiCam Ai is powered by artificial intelligence and computer vision technology, through Konexial’s partnership with HD Fleet.

“My20 LogiCam Ai will help improve the safety of every truck in a carrier’s fleet by providing Live Supply Chain visibility of what’s happening on the road and in the cab,” said Ken Evans, CEO, Konexial. “By automatically identifying sudden acceleration, sharp turns, and severe braking, My20 LogiCam Ai helps fleets avoid preventable collisions and correct risky driving behaviors while they are happening. My20 LogiCam Ai is the next addition to our My20 Fleet Edge Computing platform. Konexial is all about connecting the greatest technologies into a single, comprehensive user experience.”

My20 LogiCam Ai captures events on the road and in the vehicle with crisp HD video footage and can be accessed anytime through the My20 Fleet application. My20 LogiCam Ai’s advanced video telematics system is integrated with My20 Fleet’s Edge Computing architecture to ensure the system never goes out of service and maintains constant connection to the driver. My20 analyzes all data, algorithms and logic within the cab on iOS and Android platforms.

“HD Fleet is overly enthusiastic to join forces with Konexial, incorporating our cameras with their industry leading fleet management platform,” said Scott McCurdy, CEO, HD Fleet. “The synergy with their leading edge software combined with our technologically advanced cameras was too great to ignore. Konexial’s stands at the forefront of all ELD solutions and this integration will only enhance their ability to offer a complete and comprehensive solution to the My20 customer base. Partnering with Konexial’s talented and knowledgeable team, with strong industry experience, is a major win for both of our companies.”

My20 LogiCam Ai features advanced dashcam technology including machine learning and artificial intelligence providing detailed analytics and real-time visibility into overall fleet performance, giving carriers of all sizes valuable data to help increase safety and savings through better fleet management.

“With Konexial’s Live Supply Chain and Edge Computing, fleets can now see, sense, and correct incidents before they become severe problems. Having live telemetry, live video, and live communication in a single integrated tool is a game changer. The technology pays for itself through the failures that it can prevent,” continued Evans.