Kuebix, a transportation management system (TMS) provider that delivers freight intelligence, has achieved ‘Built for NetSuite’ status. The new SuiteApp, built using the Oracle NetSuite SuiteCloud Computing Platform, drives supply chain efficiencies by providing out-of-the-box and customizable integrations to connect ERP and TMS systems.

“The supply chain continues to get more complex, but it’s also a business function that has a lot of opportunities to improve,” said Dan Clark, president and founder, Kuebix. “With this new SuiteApp we are making it easier than ever for organizations to drive efficiencies and cost savings across their supply chain.”
With NetSuite and Kuebix TMS, organizations can achieve significant return on investment by streamlining shipping processes and identifying cost savings. Automation of processes, including re-keying order information, helps eliminate manual tasks while access to more data, such as the cost of goods and SKU level, help organizations make smarter, faster decisions.
“We live in an increasingly connected world and know that our users need a verified method to integrate their ERP and transportation management systems,” said Guido Haarmans, vice president, SuiteCloud Developer Network and Partner Programs, Oracle NetSuite. “Kuebix’s SuiteApp allows NetSuite customers to enhance business operations and scale to meet the most simple or complex supply chain requirements.”
Built for NetSuite is a program for NetSuite SuiteCloud Developer Network (SDN) partners that provides partners with the information, resources and methodology required to verify that their applications and integrations meet NetSuite standards and best practices. The Built for NetSuite program is designed to give NetSuite customers additional confidence that SuiteApps have been built to meet these standards