Collaborative transportation network improves capacity utilization and lowers costs for shippers

Green Bay, WI – Lanehub, a collaborative transportation network that enables shippers or carriers to match recurring freight lanes on a consistent basis, today announced Backhaul Assist. The newest capability offered by Lanehub allows shippers that have private fleets or utilize dedicated contract carriers to market their available or anticipated capacity to other shippers.

“From office space to automobiles, sharing and collaborating is becoming the norm in today’s businesses,” said Mark Hackl, CEO and founder of Lanehub. “At a time when there is a shortage of truck capacity, and many private and dedicated fleets have trucks that still run empty or with inconsistent freight, using the collaborative nature of Lanehub and Backhaul Assist will increase utilization and reduce costs.”

With Backhaul Assist, shippers with empty mileage in their private or dedicated fleets can make sure they are operating as reliably and efficiently as possible by finding the best “matches” with other shippers’ consistent lanes. Users set customizable parameters to automatically determine if there is an opportunity for the shipper with a fleet to achieve its target margins while providing the partner shipper with asset-based capacity at a savings for them.

"We created Backhaul Assist because we found that while many for-hire carriers are paying attention to the spot market, shippers are expanding their private and dedicated fleets to address their capacity issues and looking for partners with reliable, recurring lanes to help get their trucks home," explained Hackl. "Backhaul Assist is for those that are bringing trucks to the table and need a partnership to collaborate in a simple and transparent manner to meet their mutual needs."

Lanehub’s Collaborative Transportation Network allows carrier and shipper members to work together to identify the best way to implement matches. To date, more than 80 percent of the 70,000 shipping lanes in the Lanehub platform can be “matched”, which creates tremendous opportunity to better utilize capacity and lower costs.