Leonard’s Express — a leading transportation services provider offering refrigerated trucking, dry van, warehousing, and freight brokerage services — has upgraded its terminals and repair shops to show appreciation for its drivers and service technicians. The renovations were unveiled in September as part of National Truck Driver Appreciation Week (NTDAW) and National Technician Appreciation Week (NTAW).

National Truck Driver Appreciation Week is an annual celebration organized by the American Trucking Associations to recognize and honor truckers for the vital contributions they make to our daily lives and the economy. Throughout the week, Americans come together to show their gratitude for the tireless efforts of more than 3.6 million professional truck drivers who work to deliver essential goods and resources to communities across the nation.

The American Trucking Association also hosts National Technician Appreciation Week each year to honor the hard work and commitment of professional technicians. Techs perform one of the most demanding and critical roles in trucking, repairing, maintaining, and safeguarding trucks for millions of miles on the road each year.

“At Leonard’s, we demonstrate our appreciation for drivers and techs year-round,” said Leonard’s Express CEO Ken Johnson. “They deserve to be celebrated even more during these special weeks of recognition.”

This year, Leonard’s Express focused on bringing more of the comforts of home to its drivers and techs in five different locations across the country:

Farmington, New York - Fresh paint, soundproofing, new lighting, dog beds, updated locker room with new lockers, and an information center with desktop computer.

Caldwell, Idaho – Installation of air conditioning.

New Castle, Delaware - New event space (large tent, tables and chairs, and a speaker/microphone), and break area (picnic table, sunbrella, Blackstone grill).

Taylorsville, North Carolina - New outdoor seating area (picnic table, sunbrella, Blackstone grill) and a new TV.

Eau Claire, Wisconsin - New outdoor seating area (picnic table, sunbrella, and hardscaping), and personalized coveralls for each technician.

Leonard’s Express teamed up with Samsara to organize a raffle for all drivers. Drawings occurred once per day throughout the week with prizes including a massage gun, AirPods, an iPad Air, a Sonos Move portable speaker, and a Yeti cooler.

For the techs, Leonard’s provided each shop with a budget for new tools, and worked with sponsors including Freightliner, Kenworth, Snap-On, and ThermoKing to deliver the tools, as well as apparel to their work sites. Each driver and tech also received a Leonard’s Express-branded item (such as a shirt or hat) and the company hosted cookouts and potluck events where everyone enjoyed a constant flow of food, drinks, and snacks.

“Professional drivers and technicians make a profound impact on the nation’s economy and on people’s everyday lives,” explained Johnson. “More than 80% of U.S. communities rely exclusively on trucks to meet their freight transportation needs. During National Truck Driver and Technician Appreciation Weeks, it’s important to recognize and thank the people who keep America moving.”