Lineage (or the “Company”), one of the world’s leading temperature-controlled industrial REIT and integrated solutions providers, has officially opened a new next-generation cold-storage facility in Tauranga, New Zealand.

“We’re very proud to grow our network in New Zealand to meet the needs of our customers in this market,” Lineage President for Asia Pacific, Brooke Miller said. “With over 3 million cubic feet of space, and more than 16,000 pallet positions, the Tauriko facility is a significant expansion of our operations In New Zealand.”

Lineage Regional Vice President for New Zealand, Guy Moniz, said the access to the Port of Tauranga was one of the many advantages of building the world-class facility, located at at 15 Anianiku Place, in Tauriko.

“With our new facility less than 20km from one of the country’s largest ports, we are well-positioned to continue delivering excellence in supply chain solutions and serve our customers in the region,” Mr. Moniz said.

“This strategic expansion further strengthens Lineage’s offering to our customers across the country, providing exporters with access to a leading global network.”

In line with Lineage’s commitment to sustainability, energy efficiency was a central consideration in the construction of the project. The warehouse is equipped with a rainwater harvesting system for refrigeration condensing, rapid doors on all chambers to minimise temperature fluctuations, and features an 890kW solar array for power generation.

Lineage in New Zealand now has 25 facilities across the country, stretching from Auckland to Dunedin.