GREEN BAY, Wisc. - Logistically, makers of cloud integrated transportation management solutions, has integrated SMC3's RateWare XL and CarrierConnect XL into Logistically TMS. The integration offers customers fast, reliable rating and LTL transit and terminal information. With RateWare XL, Logistically customers have the ability to quickly obtain rates and audit their LTL pricing. RateWare XL can return rates in milliseconds, but also allows customers to batch rate, returning rates for 5,000 shipments per minute. The solution supports both NMFC classification and density rating, and allows for creative rate structures to be added to custom rating modules that wouldn't otherwise be available. Accurate transit information can be critical – a delayed shipment can cause problems for the entire supply chain. Unfortunately, LTL carrier APIs rarely indicate when shipments are moving direct or through a partner network, leading to inaccurate transit information. Logistically TMS and its intuitive design integrates perfectly with CarrierConnect XL, allowing customers to easily see the crucial information needed to choose the right. "Our customers have come to expect Logistically TMS to provide near-instant access to everything they need to make the best decisions. Integrating with CarrierConnect XL and RateWare XL has enabled our customers to answer the questions of 'how much?' and 'when?' with the highest degree of confidence," said Corey Coogan, President of Logistically. "Partnering with Logistically for our shipping technology was a great decision that continues to pay off, but adding CarrierConnect XL has elevated our service to a new level. Our customers love it," said Tom Taake, president of Envoy Logistics. Al Miller, LTL manager at Planet Freight, added: "Logistically TMS has always been great for my customers to quote and enter their own shipments, but relying on CarrierConnect XL means they can make better decisions about who carries their freight. Plus, I can use RateWare XL to build a customized rate structure based on a customer's needs."