Longbow Advantage, the industry-leading extended warehouse execution company and global leader in warehouse software and consulting, today announced at the ProMat 2023 Show a key expansion of its labor management system features within its Rebus® Platform, designed to give clients a first-of-its-kind option that customizes for each unique implementation strategy.

As Longbow Advantage understands that developing a labor program is a journey that is not a single-phase project, the expanded options available to customers brings new meaning to “Scalability on Demand,” in which the Rebus® Platform will scale to fit any company’s specific culture. With labor management solutions traditionally being too simple with little impact or too overly complex and therefore rarely used, Longbow Advantage identified a gap in the market where no other company is thinking about labor implementation as a whole journey that in some brands may be more successful with a crawl, walk, run approach.

“Our clients for years have trusted us with their labor management solutions, but we realize that every client has a unique set of challenges to solve for and we believe this new approach will represent a pioneering new way of solving for each individual customer’s transformation strategy,” said Gerry Brady, Founder and CEO of Longbow Advantage.”

Throughout the ProMat 2023 Show this week in Chicago, Ill at booth #S4475, Longbow Advantage will be showcasing the depth of its Intelligent Labor Management capabilities, including:

Measuring labor performance to track activities being performed on the warehouse floor

Metric drill downs to obtain actionable data from an enterprise level down to the individual user level

Indirect time tracking to log unmeasured time and easily find operational waste

Budget management to track user hours and understand where time is being spent in the warehouse as well as when you have downtime or overtime

A full labor hours breakdown to monitor and track standard, near overtime, and overtime hours

Standardized views from enterprise/region, warehouse, shift, and individual perspectives

Activity Code Analysis to leverage an abundance of historical data to generate fair and precise goals

Travel time to better track time for each activity

In addition to announcing the new labor management system features, Longbow Advantage Director of Operational Excellence Mike Babiak will also be presenting at the show on Tuesday, March 21 from 1:30pm to 2:15pm CST discussing the topic of “Digital Transformation in the Warehouse: One Size Doesn’t Fit All.” Just as the company preaches “Scalability on Demand,” Babiak will discuss the issues with the standardization of supply chain transformation and how organizations can create a purpose-built digital transformation plan that allows them to win today and grow to scale as the organization grows.

“With the expansion of the Rebus Platform’s “meet you where you are” labor options, we are reinforcing Rebus as the premier extended warehouse technology provider for the supply chain. It is important to us that customers have the flexibility to choose the solutions that work for their business not only today but also in the future,” added Brady. “As we continue to redefine what’s possible with warehouse technology and digital strategies, we are simply bridging the gap between short-term tactical needs and long-term strategic planning that organizations can expand on as they focus on creating and executing against a warehouse technology strategy that’s built for them.”