Following Maersk’s announcement on September 19th, 2018, where they announced that Maersk Line’s products and Damco’s supply chain services will be combined as Maersk products and services, Maersk has provided further details on the measures being taken with regards to the contracts with their customers, neutrality and confidentiality.

Damco Freight Forwarding will continue to offer freight forwarding products and services and will do so as a separate, independent business under the Damco brand.

What happens to contracts after January 1st 2019?

All contracts remain valid under the same terms and conditions, and in the immediate future there will be no change to the legal entity with whom you are contracting.

In the longer term, Maersk intends to unite all ocean and supply chain service contracting. In the integration of ocean and supply chain services, Maersk will continue to ringfence all IT systems that contain customer information with competitive strategic value. In addition, all Maersk staff will be trained, there will be strict guidelines and only relevant teams within the Maersk organization will be able to access your sensitive information to ensure that we maintain customer confidentiality and neutrality.

Which legal entity delivers the products and services and issues invoices after January 1st 2019?

All products and services that Maersk Line and Damco customers currently receive will continue to be contracted in the name of, delivered, and invoiced by the same legal entity currently delivering that product.

During 2019, Maersk and Damco Freight Forwarding will begin the process of adjusting the legal structure: fully integrating the ocean and supply chain services and separating Damco Freight Forwarding which will result in some adjustments to legal entities and associated contracts and invoicing processes. Until this occurs, Damco Freight Forwarding, supply chain services (including 3PL and 4PL), and Twill (where relevant) will be utilising the existing local legal entities to deliver their respective product portfolios.