In connection with the upcoming Chinese New Year period, Maersk Line has balanced our network to match reduced demand for the next several weeks.                                     

2019 Chinese New Year Blanking Programme

Below please find the Far East to North America sailings and port calls affected.

Week 06

TP8 Maersk Antares 906N, ETD Xingang 06/02/2019, blank sailing

TP6 Maersk Enping 906N, ETD Nansha 08/02/2019, blank sailing

TP10 ZIM Antwerp 906E, ETD Xingang 08/02/2019, blank sailing

Week 07

TP2 Maersk Eureka 907N, ETD Singapore 11/02/2019, blank sailing

TP8 MSC Algol 907N, ETD Xingang 13/02/2019, blank sailing

TP17 Arthur Maersk 907W, ETD Hong Kong 11/02/2019, blank sailing

TP16 MSC Roma 907E, ETD Xiamen 12/02/2019, blank sailing

Week 08

TP8 Maersk Altair 908N, ETD Xingang 20/02/2019, blank sailing 

TP17 Adrian Maersk 908W, ETD Hong Kong 18/02/2019, blank sailing

TP16 Maersk Stralsund 908E, ETD Xiamen 19/02/2019, blank sailing