See below for confirmed operational statuses of impacted vessels. Be advised that vessel delays may be a result of a combination of standard seasonal contingencies and are not solely a result of weather impact – these details are subject to change. 

Inland Operations


Imports: Delivering on or before last free day depends on commodity type and mileage. Hazardous, overweight and long haul are unlikely to be delivered within free time.

Exports: Minimum of 7 days lead time to ensure truck power to make port/rail cut.


Imports: Most, if not all, containers are delivered after last free day.

Exports: 7+ days required to secure capacity depending on commodity type.


Bridge closure on I-526 not causing issues for store door deliveries.

Due to the Memorial Day holiday in the United States, there will not be a State of Operations advisory issued on Monday, May 28th. The next update will be on Thursday, May 31st.