Maersk and BionicHIVE, are four months into a pilot designed to assess automation processes that sort, select and put away packages and can navigate warehouse floors using built-in cameras and sensors, moving between people and objects. The uniqueness of the product is the ability to climb on the existing warehouse racking to sort, pick and replenish cartons directly to/from any spot in the rack. This is the only solution in the market with so much flexibility in operations and minimal impact on existing warehouse interior infrastructure.

The evaluation is being conducted at a Maersk warehouse in Mira Loma, California, and is expected to last another four months. The mobile units are battery-operated, running a smart-power consumption module that automatically replaces its power packs. SqUID’s software integrates into warehouse management systems, providing real-time inventory data.

Erez Agmoni, Global Head of Innovation for Logistics and Services at Maersk said "Maersk is investing in testing new technologies that offer upgraded warehouse services to increase efficiency and add more flexibility to supply chains. By integrating BionicHIVE’s SqUID solution into our warehouse operations, we will be able to optimize processes and better serve our customers in a rapidly evolving market.” 

"We are thrilled to complete this milestone with Maersk," said Liran Raizer, CEO and Founder of BionicHIVE. "SqUID has been designed to automate warehouse environments by integrating into existing operations without the need for major investments. The solution is scalable with minimal changes to the existing warehouse and provides flexibility to handle any box from any location and deliver it anywhere with no height limitations." 

The global warehouse automation market is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 14.2% through 2026.