On September 14th, the world's first container ship powered by green methanol belonging to the Maersk shipping company will arrive in Copenhagen, Denmark. She will be baptized in her host country, after she completes her maiden voyage that began from Ulsan, South Korea.

Vincent Clerc, Executive Director of AP Moller - Maersk has expressed that “with this vessel they have taken an important step in the journey towards net zero emissions” and that “the hope is to show the way, not only for Maersk, but for the entire logistics industry.

Sailing on green fuels is a revolution in propulsion technology, one of the few in Maersk's more than 100-year history; Previous propulsion revolutions for this company's fleet of vessels have moved from steam to diesel and now to green methanol, also known as bio-methanol or e-methanol, an impressive transformation.

Maersk's next generation of ships will have a dual engine that allows them to operate on both green methanol and conventional low-sulfur fuel, and it is planned that 25% of its container volume will be transported using green fuels by 2030 The full fleet of green fuel-powered vessels will be delivered and operational in the coming years, leveraging its strategy to achieve net zero emissions by 2040.

Its order book for green ships now stands at 25 and once fully operational under this banner, they are expected to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 2.3 million, following the deployment and replacement of more fleets. ancient. The capacity of these 25 dual-fuel vessels ranges from 2,000 TEU to 16,000 TEU.

For the shipping company, being able to reach zero GHG emissions represents a collaborative effort, which is why they let it be known that they have partnered with innovative industry leaders to accelerate the change, such as: MAN Engines, manufacturer of dual fuel engines; OCI Global, Green Methanol Producer; European Energy, Producer of green methanol and HYUNDAI Mipo Dockyard, Shipbuilder and Equipment Manufacturer.

In this way, Maersk begins the countdown to carry out the christening ceremony of the first ship in the world that is powered by green methanol, which on August 30 made a resupply stop in the port of Rotterdam, the most largest in Europe and is now just days away from arriving in Danish waters.