From coils to large paper rolls and tooling – the newly expanded range of 8t to 30t trucks in the RoxX compact forklift series from HUBTEX, solve specific challenges across many industries. Heavy loads can be handled in the tightest of spaces, thanks to the unique electric drive and steering systems with great efficiency.

When transporting heavy loads, users often find themselves in a dilemma. The industrial trucks have to be designed to handle heavy loads, yet most units are restricted by their length in cramped spaces. In this environment, the RoxX comes into its own. The compact forklift series from HUBTEX combines a high load capacity with a compact design. This is because the industrial truck is up to 25% narrower and around 20% shorter than classic forklift trucks and is available in load classes from 8t to 30t. The optional electric steering saves even more space and is 30% more efficient than trucks with electro-hydrostatic drives. And, thanks to a new, patented single-wheel steering system, the turning radius is also significantly reduced. The reduction is around 50% compared to the standard steering system.

With a newly expanded range from 8 t to 30 t, the trucks in the RoxX compact forklift series from HUBTEX solve specific challenges in many industries.

All-round Visibility Makes Transporting Loads Safer and More Efficient

In order to give customers a high degree of flexibility in addition to the wide range of load capacities, HUBTEX offers three types of lift mast. The masts range from a 2-stage Simplex mast with a lift height of 3,400 mm as standard, a 2-stage mast with full free lift (Duplex) or a 3-stage mast with full free lift (Triplex). The three lift mast variants have something in common: Not only can they pick up heavy loads and move them safely, it also provides the driver with an unrestricted panoramic view from the driver's cabin. All models can be tilted from −5 degrees to +5 degrees. HUBTEX also designs additional mast solutions to meet individual customer requirements.

The spacious driver's cabin offers an outstanding panoramic view thanks to its large windows and optimally designed lift mast. Yet, the cabin can also be easily folded down to enable fast response times and easy maintenance in the event of a service. To do this, a lever attached under the cabin is removed and used next to the steps. The driver then pumps the cab up to the stop position, like a jack. A safety bolt engages and prevents the cabin from falling. In addition, the modular design of the heavy-duty compact forklift allows optimal access for maintenance and repair. Finally, the easy-to-use multifunction display HIT3 terminal, provides a continuous overview of all the key data for the truck.