maruFreight, a digital initiative for the maritime and logistics industry, announced today the launch of its new platform. maruFreight is a digital marketplace for maritime and supply chain management offering a new online platform to benefit seaborne trade.

“Today is a significant day in our industry as we launch maruFreight. maruFreight prides itself on creating an optimal digital user experience, leveraging the latest technology and real-time information, to increase efficiency and simplify the complex chartering process,” commented Antonio Brizzo, President and Chief Executive Officer of maruFreight.
The platform is designed to facilitate optimal interactions between shippers and shipping companies. It provides information on available vessels and cargoes, facilitating communication between stakeholders in every phase of freight exchange.
“maruFreight connects participants on a single platform and provides visibility across the supply chain. It is a sophisticated marketplace that shippers and shipping companies can use to increase exposure to a wider range of customers globally,” continued Brizzo.
Currently, requesting a freight quote requires extensive effort. It takes time for shipping companies to generate a quote, followed by the time needed for shippers to verify it. In response, maruFreight wants to meet the needs of both shippers and shipping companies with simple and efficient freight exchange procedures.
“maruFreight’s goal is to help companies to improve efficiency and decision-making in chartering by leveraging technology and data. We focus on product development and technology to provide more data and insight in a much more organized and structured way,” commented Kazuyuki Shimozono, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of maruFreight. maruFreight is committed to helping the industry stay ahead of the curve, with its broad, in-depth view of the trading processes.
“Following the digital freight service, maruFreight envisions the platform to broaden its functions and evolve as a more comprehensive solution for the chartering and trading. Our partnership with leading investors will accelerate this,” concluded Shimozono.