San Diego, CA - Mesilla Valley Transportation, one of the largest locally-owned Truck Load carriers in the U.S., announces roll out of Platform Science, an enterprise IoT telematics platform, to their entire fleet. MVT will use Platform Science’s suite of applications (HOS, DVIR, Workflow, Messaging, and Navigation), for safety, productivity, and compliance but will also have the ability to add their own custom apps or 3rd-party developed apps as needed. Mesilla Valley Transportation will deploy the open platform to its entire fleet of approximately 1,500 trucks and 1,700 drivers.

The Platform Science solution is comprised of a Connected Vehicle Device (CVD) for data, a web portal for fleet managers, and mobile devices for drivers. MVT, known as a leader in fuel economy and safe driving, will use the ecosystem to provide optimization and automation opportunities for their drivers. Drivers will have the tools to accomplish their movements of freight safely, on time, and with an ease of communication that will keep freight visible to them and their customers. Automating required data entry for the fleet’s circle of service workflow will also be a huge benefit, increasing MVT’s efficiency and productivity by saving drivers time normally spent manually entering information.

“I want to get back to a world where MVT enables our drivers to DRIVE, not just be data entry clerks who happen to drive,” says Mike Kelley, CIO of Mesilla Valley Transportation. “Platform Science was the first company that not only brought current technology and development methodology to the marketplace but they also brought domain expertise and a willingness to listen to the customer. With Platform Science, we are entering into a true partnership where we are building solutions together to better the lives of all drivers.”
MVT uses technology to advance their ability to meet and measure goals and achievements. Focused on defining industry best practices and not just following them, the fleet believes their goals can now be achieved faster by partnering with Platform Science. MVT expects drivers to immediately benefit from the ease of use of the platform, especially regarding any challenges associated with ELD requirements.

“Mesilla Valley Transportation is a perfect example of the type of fleet we love working with,” said Michael Bray, Chief Revenue Officer at Platform Science. “They value technology, they value eliminating waste in the industry, but most importantly, they value their drivers and continuously work towards optimizing the experience of driving for MVT. We are thrilled to join them in this pursuit.”