By January 2020, the Lab will have helped develop around ten solutions and projects to boost innovation in ports and their ecosystems

MGI is a recognised expert in Cargo Intelligent Systems (CIS), and has created the “MGI Lab” in Marseille, an organisation that provides innovative services to all port communities and their broader ecosystem. The Lab drives innovation in port logistics and associated ecosystems, developing new services and facilitating partnerships around innovative projects. By January 2020, MGI will have helped developed around ten innovative projects and solutions.

The creation of the MGILab reflects the culture of innovation at MGI and has been designed to accelerate the development of projects to streamline and speed up the exchange of cargo information between all private and public players in the logistics chain. With the Lab for exemple, MGI uses artificial intelligence and in particular machine learning to detect goods requiring special treatment for imports. Thus, an application learns to recognize the goods to be subject to phytosanitary and veterinary controls in order to be able to determine as soon as possible the volume of controls and the number of induced operations to be carried out. From Blockchain technology to Artificial Intelligence, MGI is looking to channel the energy of French port communities into the Lab. With the MGI Lab, MGI is cementing its role in driving the development of services for the whole port community, by helping create disruptive and innovative products and services.

At the creation of the “MGI Lab”, Jaap van den Hoogen, President of the MGI Executive Board, said “Our commitment to innovation is transforming trials into concrete solutions that meet the needs of our clients. Our “MGI Lab” formalises our innovation culture, and our door is wide open to companies with innovative ideas and projects. The Lab will allow us to expand our range of opportunities, and help participating companies acquire new knowledge and expertise. It will be a source of inspiration and solutions for ports looking to become smart ports, and for all supply chain players. The Lab will also accelerate the innovations that are part of our platform CI5. MGI is also looking to position itself as a key player and leading partner in the innovative world of shipping.”