Total Movements, a member of the Worldwide Project Consortium (WWPC) in India, successfully executed a door-to-port movement of 8 pieces total 1200 freight tons of ODCs from the supplier's works in India to the designated discharge port.
A company spokesperson stated: “Road Transportation from the supplier's works to the load port, export custom clearance and ocean freight of the Breakbulk cargo from India to South America involved our scope.

The following were the features of this shipment:
- Arranging specific trailers as per the cargo's specifications in no time
- An extremely time-bound shipment
- Design of Lifting plan in close coordination with the supplier
- Booking a suitable vessel for shipping the Breakbulk cargo saving the transit time of nearly a month.
Notwithstanding the narrow delivery window, the ODCs were delivered to their destination promptly and in compliance with all safety standards.”