Discovering the best way to improve and optimize your packaging operation is always the right decision. For example, an American multinational consumer electronics retailer recently contacted Shippers Supply, a preferred Robopac distributor, to improve its end-of-line packaging process. Their key issue related specifically to how their shipping department was spending a high percentage of their time on a very labor-intensive part of their job - hand wrapping pallet loads.

Russ Hull, account manager for Shippers Supply, met with the customer for an assessment to understand their specific set-up to evaluate the size and shape of their pallet loads to determine which machines may be a good fit. They then provided solutions that highlighted how they could resolve their key problem of reducing labor and at the same time reducing waste and being more cost-effective. The best, most practical solution was to try out the Robopac Robot portable stretch wrapper which provides the flexibility of bringing the stretch wrapper wherever necessary and consumes much less space than stationary equipment. The Robot S7 is ideal for anyone who wraps loads in multiple locations in their facilities. This convenience alone can improve productivity by up to 25 percent. One of the customer's multiple locations was selected to take part in the pilot test program.

Through this trial period, the customer quickly saw many benefits. They remedied their main concern of reducing labor by having employees stack the next pallet to be wrapped as the Robot portable stretch wrapper was wrapping another load. Employee safety increased by moving from tedious, labor-intensive, manual hand wrapping to automation, which in turn improved morale.

With this machine being highly efficient with film usage, they calculated an overall reduction of stretch wrap film costs of .60 per pallet. With one stretch wrapper servicing three lanes, they wrapped 289 pallets in the first three days. Additionally, the consistent pallet wrapping improved load integrity with the products being more secure compared to manual wrapping. Along with standard pallet loads, this stretch wrapper can wrap heavy and irregular loads of any length or weight.

In the end, the customer was very pleased with the results. Together, we accomplished more than simply finding a solution to how they were wrapping pallets. By first learning their process, facility, and throughput, we were able to assess and provide a solution that in all only took about one month. After the trial, the satisfied customers went ahead and purchased numerous Robopac Robot portable stretch wrappers. Additionally, with all this new equipment, they predict they’ll be able to significantly lessen the use of stretch film and keep 60,000 pounds out of the landfill.