On December 4, 2018 the General Department of Vietnam Customs has issued Notice no. 7126/TCHQ-GSQL providing the new regulation for Bill of Lading and Manifest of import shipments into Vietnam. 

It is required to declare the following information on each Bill of Lading and import manifest without exc eption:
1.  Consignee/Notify party (only for Notify party if Consignee is To order/To order of bank)   
a. For all commodities except scrap/waste commodities: 
Tax ID #
Company name #
Company full address details 
b. For scrap/waste commodities: 
Tax ID #
Import license number #
Bank Deposit number #
Full company name #
Full address details 
(Bank deposit number, if not available at the time of Shipping instruction submission, must be provided to us 07 days prior to ETA at final discharge port) 

2.  HS Code
a. For general cargo: HS code must be at least 04-digit code
b. For scrap / waste cargo: HS must be at least 08-digit code 
3.  Commodity name
a. For all commodities, except scrap/waste products:
Commodity name #
Commodity description 
b. For scrap/waste commodities: 
Commodity name must be declared as per details of commodity name listed in the appendix of Decision No. 6889/TCHQ-GSQL. Please refer to HS code (column 3,4,5) and English name (column 7) in the attached file.
4.  Requirements for scrap/waste import to Haiphong:  
According to Guideline 6644/TCHQ-GSQL dated 11/13/ 2018, effective from December 10, 2018, Haiphong Customs Department strictly requests Consignee to declare following information on E-scraps platform before Manifest is submitted by carrier:  
    •    Registration for discharge  
    •    Bank Deposit number (submitted on Escraps and send hard copy to PTTVTXNC – Haiphong Customs at the same time).  Failure to comply above requirements, shipments will not be allowed to be discharged onto Hai Phong terminal. All costs (if incurred) will be for the account of consignees. 
There are some additional notes that we want to have your attention to ensure all details are strictly declared as per local rules:
    •    “#” is compulsory to separate above details
    •    Tax code is a sequence of number digits, excluding special characters (such as space, = , !, %, &, *, @, &,...)
    •    Import license must be valid and issued by Vietnam Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment
    •    Company name must be the same as shown on Import license and Bank Deposit
    •    Cargo description must be short and clear, specifying nature of the goods, packaging type, number of packages, weight, …
Failure to comply with above requirement will result in vessel being rejected by customs authority thus all on-board laden boxes will not be allowed for discharge onto all Vietnam terminals.