Picavi is offering its business customers a Google product that takes order picking with a wearable computing device to a whole new level. As one of just 16 global Glass partners, the world-leading provider of pick-by-vision solutions is expanding its hardware portfolio with Glass Enterprise Edition 2, available from the end of May. The glasses update enables better performance, an improved energy balance and greater compatibility. Together with Picavi’s specially adapted software components, these features deliver greater efficiency in visually guided order picking processes.

Glass is an integral part of Picavi’s ‘ecosystem’ of hardware and software for pick-by-vision. “Right from the start, we have always focused on making our products compatible. Users value this too, as our solution is now used across the entire intralogistics sector. The close collaboration with the Glass team has also contributed greatly to our success and generates synergies for both parties. With the new Glass Enterprise Edition 2, our customers get cutting-edge smart glasses that combine the best elements of previous models with new features and capabilities,” explained Carsten Funke, Chief Sales Officer at Picavi.

New features for more power

The Glass Enterprise Edition 2 glasses come with a whole range of brand-new technical specifications. These include a powerful Qualcomm quad-core processor and the Android 8.1 operating system, also known as Android Oreo. This not only makes the glasses faster, but also ensures a longer battery life. Connectivity has also been improved with the highest possible standards in transmission technology. The Glass Enterprise Edition 2 is also part of the Android Open Source platform, making the glasses even more flexible and customizable.

“The Glass Enterprise Edition 2 is a state-of-the-art product designed for the needs of logistics. The smart glasses enable fast, flexible and ergonomic order picking processes, while ensuring maximum transparency and keeping error rates to a minimum. They also help us support our partners like Picavi, who contributed their wide-ranging expertise in intralogistics and wearables,” said Jay Kothari, Project Lead at Glass.

US company places large order for Enterprise Edition 2

One of the first companies to use the Glass Enterprise Edition 2 is Neovia Logistics Services, a third-party logistics specialist based in Greenwood, Indiana. This latest addition takes Picavi’s list of customers to over 70. Neovia began with ten pairs of glasses in the summer of 2018. The training and ramp-up time for new employees was cut by up to 60 percent, while the efficiency of picking processes rose by eight to ten percent.

After such impressive results, Neovia has ordered another 85 pairs of the new Glass Enterprise Edition 2 for the end of May. The company will then have the largest installation of smart glasses in the global intralogistics industry. “Innovation is key to Neovia continuing to be a leader within the 3PL space and Assisted Reality has been on our radar for some time now. We had been searching for an AR leader in the industry, and after evaluating multiple AR concepts and suppliers, we selected Picavi as a partner for a pilot project near Indianapolis at one of our larger customer sites. We selected Picavi because their product and concept matched our operational needs,” explained Larry Olson, Director of Global Business Technology Solutions, Neovia Logistics.