Norfolk Southern Corporation provided an update Saturday on a technology outage that impacted rail operations overnight:

Late Friday evening, Norfolk Southern's data center experienced an outage that impacted rail operations. This included our dispatching system, train movements, and functionality of our terminal operating system. Operations were halted until the issue was safely and successfully resolved at 1:30 a.m. ET on September 30. All systems are now fully functional, and trains are running. Our Marketing team is collaborating closely with customers to keep them informed. We expect the impact to our operations to last at least a couple of weeks as we work to mitigate traffic congestion caused by the outage.

At this time, the company has found no indication that this was related to an unauthorized cybersecurity incident, or the outage of August 28. We are continuing to examine the root cause of the incident but believe at this time that it relates to a vendor product defect. Further, Norfolk Southern has undertaken a total review of the resiliency of its data center and network technology to prevent future outages.