Odyssey Logistics & Technology Corporation (Odyssey), a global leader in logistics and technology solutions, announced the launch of its Odyssey Cloverleaf™ Program dedicated to the belief that sustainability can increase economic value for shippers and carriers, while simultaneously allowing everyone involved in the supply chain to become better stewards of our planet. The program is on target this year to reduce carbon emissions by over 300,000 metric tons and enlists a wide range of current and emerging technologies to uncover new ways to advance sustainability, reduce costs, improve margins and better serve every organization and person along the supply chain. 

“We’re researching smart, new paths for supply chain sustainability,” said Bob Shellman, President and Chief Executive Officer of Odyssey. “Cloverleaf is a science-based program dedicated to the belief that sustainability done right benefits the environment and can be an engine for growth. We’re applying electrification, artificial intelligence, analytics, IoT connectivity and other emerging technologies to measurably move us towards a carbon-neutral world.” 

There are three components of the Odyssey Cloverleaf Program. First, Odyssey’s sustainability specialists and customer/carrier teams calculate emissions and other key metrics in real time using advanced data collection tools and the European Chemical Industry Council (CEFIC) and European Chemical Transport Association (ECTA) guidelines. Second, Odyssey integrates economic, operational and sustainability goals to provide optimized recommendations for day-to-day operations and long-range planning. Strategic consulting and education are also offered to help shippers and carriers develop effective sustainability policies and practices. Third, Odyssey explores innovative applications of electrification, alternative fuel vehicles (AFVs), internet of things (IoT) enabled devices, predictive/prescriptive analytics, telematics and other evolving technologies to enhance customer’s supply chains. 

“Sustainability is a top initiative in all parts of our organization, and supply chain and logistics are no exception. It’s important we have partners that share in our vision for a sustainable future,” said Johan Neuteboom, Director Supply Chain Management North America at DSM Nutritional Products. “We view Odyssey’s investment in the Cloverleaf Program as a clear demonstration of that shared vision.” 

Odyssey has invested heavily in the technologies behind the Cloverleaf program and actively participates in the US’s SmartWay Program, Europe’s GreenFreight and other government-sponsored initiatives. Odyssey will continue to increase its investments in the technologies, processes and information that will lead to smart new paths for sustainability and economic growth.