DENVER – Tim Harrington, Kelle Williams, John Farrell and Karen Tinkum of OmniTRAX, Inc., one of the largest privately held rail and transportation service companies in North America and an affiliate of The Broe Group, presented three sessions at the Short Line Railroads – GIS Opportunities Workshop hosted by the National Academy of Railroad Sciences in Overland, KS in late January. The workshop was designed to engage railroad professionals in examining numerous extremely beneficial railroad GIS (Geographical Information Systems) use cases.

“OmniTRAX is taking a leadership position in the development of GIS applications to show the benefits for railroad companies. We see this workshop as an occasion to share the learnings we’ve experienced as a team so others can follow the best practices we’ve created,” said Harrington, Vice President of Information Technology at OmniTRAX.

The three sessions OmniTRAX managers led at the Short Line Railroads – GIS Opportunities Workshop include:

  • GIS User Group Developments (Tim Harrington presented)
  • OPEN for business - Using GIS to Grow and Manage Holding Companies (Tim Harrington, Kelle Williams and Karen Tinkum)
  • OPENing the Railroad with webGIS Architecture (John Farrell)

GIS is a central element of the OmniTRAX Property Engineering Network or OPEN, which is a functional system that allows users data pertaining to track, mileposts, locomotives and even weather across the OmniTRAX network.