Advanced Airsea, Pangea Member in Czech Republic, and its counterpart Golden Ways for Logistics (GWL), Pangea Member in Jordan, have joined forces for shipping ex-Jordan to Croatia 40 battle tanks of 13Tons each for the ground forces. The total weight of this project shipment was 520 Tons and 1800 cbm.

It was imperative to reach the fastest transit time which was achieved by charting the vehicles on M/V Rudolf with less than 6 days transit time.

At Aqaba port (Jordan), GWL was in charge of the booking and prearrangements, the on carriage and sea freight up to Rijeka Port in Croatia. From there, Advanced Airsea coordinated the offloading and transportation by rail to final destination in Czech Republic, via Hungary and Slovakia.

Both agents have coordinated the multimodal operations to assure a punctual delivery as per the tight requirements from customer, this is a perfect example of a job well done. The managements from Advances Airsea and GWL met during the last edition of Freightcamp, annual meeting of the Pangea Logistics Network, celebrated in Berlin in October last year and since then have been able to build an excellent partnership.