SAINT JOHN (NB) – Year-over-year total cargo tonnage at Port Saint John increased by over 4 million metric tonnes in 2017. Overall cargo tonnage handled for the year 2017 was 30,458,422 metric tonnes, a 15% increase over 2016. All cargo sectors, aside from the anticipated exception of containers, experienced significant gains in 2017. Additionally, the loss experienced in containerized cargo was lessened due the introduction of a new weekly container service by CMA CGM in 2017. This second global container service joined MSC who have been calling Port Saint John on a weekly basis since 2012. “Our significant increase in tonnage for 2017 is attributable to the success of our stakeholders in the bulk sectors (dry, liquid and breakbulk) as well as our first year of operations with DP World at the multi purpose cargo terminals on the West Side. The DP World partnership blends their global reach and influence together with our terminal modernization project to achieve the common objective of continued growth and a bright future for the Port and its supporting port service community,” said Jim Quinn, President & CEO of Port Saint John. “The work of the entire port community contributes to local economies across our Province. Products from all corners of the Province are shipped to the Port using New Brunswick truckers, rail and roads. The Port opens the global marketplace to New Brunswick producers,” added Allen Bodechon, Chair of the Board of Directors for Port Saint John. “On behalf of our Board and the management and staff at Port Saint John we congratulate our stakeholders on a successful year.” Port Saint John Cargo Statistics of Note 2013-2017
   2017  2016  2015  2014  2013 
Dry Bulk  1,932,868 MT  747,172 MT  1,357,008 MT  1,377,641 MT  1,161,950 MT 
Liquid Bulk  28,101,794 MT  25,111,987 MT  24,451,230 MT  22,077,208 MT  25,942,760 MT 
Break Bulk  33,519 MT  5,956 MT  17,098 MT  18,904 MT  59,376 MT 
Containers  390,237 MT  573,181 MT  610,588 MT  565,493 MT  497,056 MT 
TEUs  57,402 TEUs  90,262 TEUs  97,114 TEUs  89,615 TEUs  76,269 TEUs 
Total Port  30,458.422 MT  26,438,301 MT  26,435,882 MT  24,039,247  27,661,153 MT 
Vessels  927  874  894  835  864 
Port Saint John is Canada’s third largest port by tonnage and has a diverse cargo base, including dry and liquid bulk, break bulk, containers, and cruise.