PortPro Technologies has introduced drayOS, the next generation web-based transportation management system (TMS) built for an exclusive network of forward-thinking drayage carriers. Powered by the latest technology, drayOS serves as an end-to-end operating system enabling drayage carriers to automate time-consuming back-office operations and focus on the growth of their businesses.

“We know what dray carriers really need—our team has years of experience operating drayage trucking companies, so we focused on the tasks that aren’t revenue-generating, and automated them in drayOS,” said Michael Mecca, CEO of PortPro. “By simplifying, centralizing, and automating internal operations, drayage carriers now have an opportunity to properly scale and compete in the rapidly changing drayage industry.”

drayOS was designed in collaboration with some of the leading container drayage carriers in the country and as a result is entirely focused on serving their needs. The system is available in both a light and premium version, accommodating for all types and sizes of drayage carriers.

drayOS automates data entry to reduce the amount of time it takes individuals to enter orders. Dispatchers can assign loads from their screen directly to the PortPro driver application (available on both iOS and Android devices). The system creates a paperless environment, making the customer invoicing and driver payment process less time consuming and more immediate. Additionally, PortPro provides each carrier with the ability to give a portal to their customers, giving them visibility over their containers, a way to communicate in real-time, and a streamlined way to tender loads directly to that carrier. The value PortPro provides doesn’t end there.

“We understand that most trucking companies don’t have IT departments to implement and manage software, ” added Mecca. “Once a carrier has decided to work with PortPro, we basically become the ‘tech arm’ of their company, whether they have 5 trucks or 500 trucks. We spend the necessary time to properly implement our software, train employees and drivers, and work collaboratively towards long term mutual goals: optimizing their operations, building their brand to increase sales and providing them the foundation to grow their company.”

“It’s about eliminating steps”, continued Mecca. “With drayOS, dispatchers are able to manage more drivers and loads at any given time, and back office personnel can more efficiently manage invoices and accounting, enabling drayage carriers to focus on customer service, execution and profits.”