PortXchange has announced a new partnership with Albatroz Energia to accelerate the digitilization of Brazilian ports and port communities. This partnership expands PortXchange’s presence in Latin America, making Brazil the second Latin American country that will release benefits of the PortXchange platform for port call optimization and CO2 reduction.

PortXchange is a provider of an innovative digital platform that aims to improve collaboration between all the parties involved in a port call. It combines various data sources so that a port call by a vessel can be planned as accurately as possible. This way, activities that must occur during the port call can be seamlessly coordinated with each other.

The platform enables more effective capacity utilization at the port and terminals as well as the precise planning and coordination of a range of vessel services, including bunkering and provision. Also, it enables vessels to optimize their sailing speed and arrive at the port when berth, tugs, and pilots availability are ensured. This is known as Just in Time sailing, which reduces idling and significantly contributes to fuel and emission reduction.

PortXchange will partner with the local company Albatroz Energia to develop an approach to more sustainable and efficient port calls in Brazil. Albatroz Energia brings decades of experience in maritime digitalization and extensive knowledge of the local market to this partnership.

With an 8,500 km long coastline and more than 200 ports, Brazil has a vast and untapped potential. “Currently the Brazilian maritime sector is undergoing a tremendous transformation. Some ports are going through privatization, which will allow them to reduce the bureaucracy burden and jumpstart innovative projects. Several positive initiatives like “Paperless Port” have already taken place, and PortXchange can contribute further to port digitalization“, says Alexandre C. Toussaint Pereira, the  owner of Albatroz Energia. 

“We see a lot of opportunities in Brazil for PortXchange as it is the largest country in South America and the fifth-largest in the world. We are looking forward to working together with Albatroz Energia in this promising area and contributing to the innovative and sustainable development of the Brazilian maritime sector”, adds Willem van Esch, PortXchange’s Business Development Director.