Oakley Transportation Group today unveiled new state-of-the-art training equipment, including a customized tank trailer and a full scale driving simulator, designed to enhance public safety and support drivers’ professional development.
Designed with four fully functional liquid product tanks, complete with sanitary pumps, hydraulics, outlet valves and in-transit heating systems, the trailer was designed by the team at Oakley with their partner, Brenner Tank, in an effort to provide hands-on experience for professional drivers. While the trailer will serve as a key element in onboarding and in the orientation process for new drivers, Oakley plans to use the trailer to keep OTR and tenured drivers performing at their best. “We understand the value of ongoing training - it’s not just something we promote and sell to recruit here at Oakley - we believe that professional drivers thrive on support and ongoing education to perform at their best and remain at the top of the industry,” stated Thomas Oakley, President and CEO of Oakley Transport. The trailer provides professional drivers with the opportunity to train on three distinct styles of transport tank trailers currently used by Oakley. It is the result of months of discussions, sketches and fabrication, all of which included input from every level of the organization, including drivers, maintenance and training team members and leaders from operations.
The full-scale driving simulator allows Oakley’s trainers to test professional drivers regularly and evaluate driving and reaction habits and skills. The custom designed computer-based simulator is geared at training drivers in a tanker setting, as the seat and controls are impacted by the simulated “surge and slush” movement of the liquid product. Drivers are graded on their habits including following distance, reaction time and more. The system can simulate scenarios including high wind, rain, ice or snow, as well as inclines, descents, road hazards or even animals jumping from the shoulder. Following their route in the simulator, drivers are able to review their performance, noting both the positive and negative behaviors and reactions, and trainers are able specifically target each drivers individual needs. While the simulator will remain at Oakley’s headquarters in Lake Wales, Fla., drivers will have the opportunity to regularly test their skills during formal performance evaluations as well as employee competitions and driving skill challenges and contests, all with the goal of creating and encouraging employee engagement. Once mobile, the trailer will serve Oakley’s 485 bulk tank professionals in the east coast region and can travel to terminal locations including Chicago, Savannah, Charlotte, Louisville, Laredo and Memphis, among others.