QEI offers their entire ADMS system (Advanced Distribution Management System) platform, which includes the integrated systems DMS, OMS, GIS and RTPS. These can be individually “bolted-on” to an existing or new SCADA system or integrated together. QDMS (Distribution Management System) is a solution for monitoring and optimization of your electrical grids, control your distribution management system with trust and benefit from quick project configuration, easy operation, increase reliability and efficiency of your network. Among many applications, QDMS stands out for load flow, demand projection, fault location, fault isolation, load transfer and its simulation in real time using SCADA measurements.

QOMS (Outage Management System) is an integral solution that provides utilities the necessary tools for management of its distribution network, identifying and recording all the operations carried out in the network. QOMS allows utilities to reduce the duration of the outage, locating the fault location rapidly and giving enough information for making accurate decisions about the operation of the network.

QGIS is a specialized GIS for analysis, optimization and management of electric distribution networks. It offers great advantages with a integrated grid analysis and optimization features. Geographic and topologic network distribution database management and updating.

QRTPS (Real Time Power Simulator) is an automation system that collects energy measurement data from the field and making it available to users through graphics, online monitoring tools, and energy quality analyzers, thus enabling the management of energy resources. The SCADA system forms the heart of RTPS and performs data acquisition, updates of the system status through alarm processing, updates the user interface, and executes control actions when its required.

All four of these systems are available separately or integrated together with a new or existing SCADA system. QEI, LLC founded 60 years ago, has been serving the Electric Utility market with products and services in Distribution/Feeder Automation, Substations and Control Rooms. As an ISO9001:2015 Registered Company, QEI offers a dedicated fully staffed Customer Service department to support all our hardware and software products with in house product repairs, onsite startup/commissioning services and training in a location of your choice, and more. QEI, “The Solutions Provider” we look forward to serving your needs.