Raven Connected Inc., a leading provider of video telematics technology, has announced an integration with the Fleetio fleet maintenance software platform. The integration empowers public and private fleet operators with better control over vehicle maintenance and fuel-related costs.

Raven’s video telematics solution provides managers with unparalleled insights and oversight over their field operations. The Raven in-vehicle hardware interfaces directly to the vehicle’s engine control unit, capturing critical data elements as key inputs to an effective vehicle maintenance process.

Fleetio is widely known for its vehicle lifecycle management and preventative maintenance scheduling software for fleets of all sizes, allowing supervisors and maintenance teams to become proactive rather than reactive. The Fleetio system also delivers valuable fuel insights through integrations with a number of leading fuel card providers.

Utilizing the vehicle telematics data captured by Raven’s in-vehicle hardware, fleet owners can automatically track vehicle mileage, location and diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs) straight from the electronic control modules of light, medium and heavy duty vehicles. This information is transferred daily by Raven to Fleetio, feeding dashboards and triggering alerts, work orders, inspections and other workflows that can mitigate unscheduled maintenance and vehicle downtime.

Braydon Williamson, Raven’s Director of Fleet Sales, commented on the new integration, “Our business clients have a range of requirements when it comes to managing and maintaining their fleet vehicles. They can now take advantage of Raven’s advanced video telematics functionality while accessing the range of features available through Fleetio’s best-in-class maintenance solution.”

The integration can be configured via the Raven web application, and Raven customers can subscribe to Fleetio’s free 14-day trial to experience these benefits firsthand.