Company’s exponential growth highlights evolution in digital payments for the transportation industry

ATLANTA, GA.- RoadSync, a digital payment platform for the logistics industry, announces today that it has reached the $100 million milestone in payments processed since its platform launch in 2017.

RoadSync allows warehouses, freight handlers, trucking companies, heavy truck repair and maintenance shops and others to digitally invoice and accept payments quickly, conveniently and securely. The company’s platform dramatically reduces payment processing time and maximizes revenue collection.

“Logistics is a difficult industry for payments, as everyone is on the move and many transactions are still done by paper,” said Robin Gregg, CEO of RoadSync. “We created a digital platform specifically to meet the needs of the industry.”

RoadSync allows customers to:

  • Create custom invoices and work orders and send them via text or email
  • Verify and accept payments by fleet check, credit/debit card, and ACH
  • Receive payments directly into their bank accounts to eliminate trips to the bank
  • Monitor revenue daily
  • Minimize fraud and theft by using digital payments
  • Significantly cut down on processing times

“Our growth is the best indicator that we’ve developed a solution that is changing the way the logistics industry moves and manages money,” said Gregg.

“Moving away from paper payments to using the RoadSync platform has saved us both time and money,” said Jay Klika, general manager at Interstate Warehousing. “We can focus more on drivers rather than spending time on the phone getting payments authorized and processed.”

RoadSync’s goal is to build out the platform for the entire industry and will be announcing new features in the second half of 2019.