Program allows customers access to leading technology with limited financial risk

Woodcliff Lake, NJ - As a global leader in genset, dry and refrigerated container leasing, SeaCube Container Leasing will now provide its customers with access to leading-edge technology without the burden of a major capital financial investment. SeaCube offers a menu of options that affords customers the flexibility to develop customized solutions as well as select the technology and telematics vendor that fits their needs.

“Our customers want to enhance their standard equipment offering with innovation and technology, but the initial capital outlay can often times be cost-prohibitive. Our leasing options offer an attractive way to finance this investment, making technology enhancements a reality for our customers,” said Robert Sappio, CEO of SeaCube. “In addition, we offer neutrality in that we will work with any vendor the customer prefers and not designate a specific solution unless requested. We will also provide directional guidance necessary to our customers to ensure we offer recommendations for the most suitable technology applications. This is what our customers were asking for and we listened.”

This latest initiative further demonstrates SeaCube’s commitment to embrace digital transformation. SeaCube’s relationships with leading technology companies allows it to offer flexible, customizable solutions that can be bundled into a daily per diem rate, a low-risk, affordable solution pro-rated over the term of the lease for the SeaCube customer. The suite of technology solutions includes: telematics, equipment and cargo management, cost control, fleet optimization, real time tracking, precise and accurate early warning diagnostics.

“At SeaCube, we want to provide our customers with cost-effective access to leading-edge innovation, as well as an educated team for guidance and training. We believe embracing technology, ranging from data analytics to digitalization to blockchain, is necessary to not only thrive, but to survive, as an industry leader. This is new ground for all of us and we want to partner with our customers and vendors to stay ahead of the curve,” said Mr. Sappio. 

To that end, SeaCube recently partnered with ORBCOMM, a leading global provider of communication solutions, to integrate ORBCOMM’s telematics devices for real-time tracking for new production speculative gensets.

“Gensets can be difficult to manage and by adding telematics to our production genset fleet, SeaCube now has the opportunity to track location, running hours and fuel consumption for the purposes of improved fleet management. This fleet management and tracking also offers significant benefit for our customers,” said Mr. Sappio. 

In preparation for the future, SeaCube joined Blockchain in Transport Alliance (BiTA) to ensure that nascent blockchain applications can be integrated into SeaCube equipment leasing activities, products, and financial solutions, when and where appropriate.