On Saturday, October 27, Seafarers’ House, The Grind Kindness Rocks Project, and members of Church by the Sea gathered at The Grind Coffee Project in Fort Lauderdale to help bring a little bit of terra firma to the hardworking mariners who come to our shores over the holidays.

More than a dozen volunteers painted rocks with colorful pictures and messages that will be added to shoeboxes that Seafarers’ House hands out to mariners each holiday season during its annual Shoebox Christmas event. The boxes also include combs, toothbrushes and toothpaste, razors, shaving cream, socks and a variety of other personal toiletry items. The addition of these colorful rocks are a new twist to Seafarers' annual event.

“Each year, Seafarers’ House volunteers wrap, fill and hand out nearly 2,000 shoeboxes to mariners who come to Port Everglades throughout the holiday season. Thanks to the generosity of The Grind Kindness Rocks project and more than a dozen volunteers we will be able to add these beautifully painted rocks to serve as a constant reminder to these hard-working seafarers’ that people care about them,” said Seafarers’ House Executive Director Lesley Warrick, who with her husband will be among those painting.

The Grind Kindness Rocks Project is the brainchild of Roxanne “Rocky” Haubrich, a member of Broward County Rocks. The idea to work together gelled entirely via social media when Warrick saw Haubrich’s Facebook page and reached out.

“Roxanne was quick to embrace the idea. We met for lunch, and in no time we were able to put this effort together,” said Warrick.

The location and supplies are underwritten by The Grind Coffee Project and its owner, Yoni Martin.