Sensitech, a leading provider of supply chain visibility solutions, today announced the launch of TempTale® GEO X, a state-of-the-art IoT temperature monitoring solution tailored to the needs of the life sciences industry and logistics organizations. The TempTale GEO X delivers a validated, GxP-compliant solution to monitor temperature-sensitive medicines and vaccines transported globally across different modes including air, ocean, road and rail. Sensitech is part of Carrier Global Corporation (NYSE: CARR), global leader in intelligent climate and energy solutions.

“The TempTale GEO X solution will help transform the pharmaceutical supply chain through real-time data, intelligent workflow automation and advanced analytics,” said Bhasker Kaushal, Vice President & General Manager, Sensitech. “We are constantly innovating to provide real-time monitoring and analytics solutions that make pharma supply chains more connected, automated, resilient and sustainable. This new solution will provide the data, insights and automation to help deliver next-level supply chain efficiency, cold chain compliance and sustainability outcomes.”

Key features of the device include real-time location visibility, monitoring temperatures from minus 95 degrees C to 55 degrees C, global connectivity flight compliance, a screen to display live product quality information and built-in battery management. When combined with the SensiWatch® platform and Lynx Logix™ digital solution, the TempTale GEO X provides real-time data and analytics for precise shipment visibility and alerting, automation of product accept-reject decisions, and acceleration of root-cause analysis and product release decisions that are critical in the life sciences cold chain.

Designed with a fast-paced distribution environment in mind, the user-friendly interface of the TempTale GEO X offers tremendous ease-of-use and handling efficiencies. Supported by its easy-to-scale and highly efficient device returns-recycle-reuse program, Sensitech provides an unmatched combination of flexibility and sustainability benefits.

With TempTale GEO X, life sciences and logistics organizations can now:

• Get actionable insights and alerts to maintain product quality and compliance through precise temperature monitoring, humidity, light and location tracking. Seamlessly integrating with the SensiWatch Platform, the TempTale GEO X solution offers end-to-end visibility and actionable intelligence in pharma supply chains.

• Leverage intelligent automation to eliminate the burden of manual processes and speed up handling with automatic documentation and alerts. The TempTale GEO X gathers real-time temperature, location and dwell time data to empower logistics and quality teams with shipment insights while in-transit, highlight warning signs early and identify events requiring attention. Data from the TempTale GEO X feeds into Lynx Logix, to predict, help prevent and resolve supply chain challenges.

• Minimize handling, device management and user errors as each device comes fully charged and calibrated to offer a true plug-and-play experience, and when integrated with Sensitech’s suite of connected cold chain solutions, enables easier and more proactive supply chain intelligence for better decision making.