Shipco Airfreight, one of the world’s leading neutral wholesale airfreight consolidators has announced it has introduced canine screening for air cargo.

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) launched the program at the end of 2018 and Shipco was keen to participate. While already carrying out their own cargo screening (the company has been a Certified Cargo Screening Facility since 2010), Shipco immediately saw the advantages for its customers by adding canine screening to its standard processes.

In-house screening in general guarantees that the process is done in a more controlled environment rather than having it executed by an airline handling agent. It also means that the airline will provide a later cut-off when pre-screened freight is tendered. Moreover, Shipco can pre-build airline units, further extending the cut-off and meaning that cargo is less prone to damage, loss and delay. Unitizing cargo also means that the company can offer even more competitive rates.

While traditional screening methods may have their limitations, the canine version offers more flexibility in terms of the type of freight that is screened. Furthermore, the reading of screening results is less dependent on human interpretation.

The company currently offers canine screening in its Elizabeth, NJ and Los Angeles, CA facilities but is looking to expand upon that in the near future.