Herndon, VA - SkyBitz, a leader in IoT telematics solutions, announces the launch of a new volumetric sensor with high-resolution camera offering remote asset management customers an innovative new option for monitoring trailer capacity within the SkyBitz SmartTrailer Ecosystem.

Equipped with an advanced camera that provides brilliantly clear images, the solution provides accurate volumetric calculations for total cubic space as well as total floor space. The availability of clear images along with volumetric data now helps customers improve trailer loading to maximize utilization of total cubic space.

Detailed images will provide long-term savings to customers and improve their entire supply chain strategy by enabling them to quickly identify issues and communicate proper packaging methods with their shipping customers. In a constant effort to improve relations between customers and shippers, volumetric capabilities offer precise and accurate data, reducing costly damage claims, as well as lost revenue and time associated with repackaging freight to help avoid those claims.

“Volumetrics data is critical to line haul customers that experience freight discrepancies such as load capacity issues, damage claims, or theft,” states Henry Popplewell, SkyBitz President. “Integrating this camera to our SmartTrailer ecosystem allows customers to identify exact cubic space and capture crystal clear images of freight, eliminating discrepancies that can lead to millions in lost revenue.”

The device can be mounted on a loaded or unloaded trailer, with a full installation of the entire system in under an hour.  Images of the freight and any volumetric data are captured and viewable through the SkyBitz asset tracking portal, InSight, along with other contextual telematics data. Images can be captured based on the door sensor trigger, either on-demand or via a user-defined parameter through the portal, and are available for use in transport management systems (TMS) from the SkyBitz cloud, or by importing the actual images into the customers’ system.