SmartHop, an advanced freight booking and fleet management platform, today released the first edition of its Monthly Profitability Report. This proprietary report is a small fleet-focused resource that provides carriers with insights into the most profitable markets for reefer and van loads, as well as the breakdown of last month’s lanes by profitability.

The Monthly Profitability Report answers the questions:

How hard is it to find a profitable load?

Where am I most likely to find a profitable load?

SmartHop’s Monthly Profitability Report analyzes millions of reefer and dry van spot market loads from 70 U.S. markets to highlight the most profitable markets from the prior month. Included in this report are July’s “Hot Markets,” which are cities where it’s easiest to pick up a profitable load from the spot market. You’ll also find an analysis of reefer and van lane profitability, based on initial load profitability while factoring in the ease of picking up another profitable load in the dropoff market.

“The freight market is challenging right now, so in remaining true to our core mission of helping small fleets successfully run and optimize their businesses, we launched the Monthly Profitability Report as a resource for our customers and the industry,” said Guillermo Garcia, SmartHop Co-Founder and CEO. “While the reefer market is performing slightly better than the dry van market right now, in these conditions it’s best to diversify your freight sources, utilizing a mixture of contract lanes, direct broker relationships, and filling any remaining capacity needs with the spot market.”

The SmartHop Profitability Report is a comprehensive analysis of real, aggregated load data that carriers can use to make smarter booking decisions to drive profit for their business.

Read the first edition of SmartHop’s Monthly Profitability Report by visiting