Long Crendon, Buckinghamshire, UK – Softbox, a leading global innovator and provider of temperature control packaging for the life science and logistics industries, has announced the introduction of a new concept to bring IoT and connected digital transformation to the pharmaceutical and clinical trial cold chain distribution.

Softbox is leveraging emerging technologies and incorporating them into its temperature control packaging systems for day-to-day cold chain distribution. These technologies can help make better and quicker decisions, reduce waste in the supply chain and ultimately provide pharmaceutical companies and patients with medications on time, and in the best condition possible.

Softbox’s IoT project, developed in collaboration with market-leading companies, focuses on providing transparency on every step of the cold chain distribution process, from dispatch through to dispensing to the patient.

This new project, in combination with the already available Softbox rental program, solves many of the challenges pharmaceutical companies face today, such as sustainability regulations, cost-reductions, excursion management and real-time visibility of temperature, location, shock and light exposure.

Softbox is presenting this connected IoT project at LogiPharma on 9-11 April in Switzerland.

Richard Wood, Director of Connected Digital Technologies at Softbox commented: “IoT technology brings enhanced transparency, accuracy and responsiveness to the whole delivery cycle. Visibility and traceability are top priorities for the cold-chain logistics industry, Softbox’s new IoT products and services aim to deliver the best combination of packaging and technology for our clients.”