NEW YORK - SoOum Corp. (OTCPink:SOUM) (“SoOum” or the “Company”), a Physical Commodities Arbitrage Trading company offering a web-based International Trade platform with a simple mission—to minimize global scarcity and to help relieve hunger—assists exporters in simplifying international trade.

SoOum’s innovative platform allows for exporters to communicate in real time and develop full “Irrevocable Corporate Purchase Orders” with full transparency to all involved.

The “Exporter Real-time Commodities Trading Portal” offers the user immediate exposure to a broad audience of individuals and organizations within the international trade community that are actively buying and selling commodities worldwide.  The membership portal includes full access to trading applications that will assist the exporter in all areas of the trade.

Some of the applications included in the exporter portal are:

Live Import Requests Engagement - Seek out global opportunities and Submit immediate requests for deal information of various commodities in real time!  

Search, View & Create New Offers -  See offers from all over the globe in various commodities, and easily create your own offer that is visible by our network of over 45,000 International trade individuals and organizations.

Live Orientation - Live Platform assistance for users having trouble understanding the applications and trade tools.

SoOum Deal Architect Support - Receive trading assistance from one of our professional Traders available to further assist exporters.

Real Time Trade Intelligence - Compare accurate, actionable intelligence and detailed commodity information to stay informed throughout the entirety of the trade.

The Export portal membership, found at, cost $30.00 USD per month, with the first month free. Here the Exporter can trade more efficiently, and discover opportunities in a centralized interface with access to our network of over 45,000 individuals and organizations within the multi-trillion dollar commodities trade industry.