Lexington, SC - Southeastern Freight Lines, the leading provider of regional less-than-truckload (LTL) transportation services, is celebrating 60 years of quality without question service at the Greenville, South Carolina service center.

Originally located inside an old railroad warehouse in the northwest textile region of Greenville, the service center opened for business in 1959, with 10 dock doors and 16 associates.

In 1964, the service center was built where it stands today at 710 Mauldin Road in Greenville and has expanded five times throughout the past 55 years, growing and improving with every addition to its current size of 122 doors with 233 associates.

With continued economic growth in the region, Southeastern recently purchased land in Piedmont, South Carolina and is building a brand-new service center with 200 dock doors. The center will feature the largest educational conference room in the company, a bunk house and an appointment warehouse. The 110-acre property will also allow for future growth.

“Employees from the early days of the service center recall how the old railroad warehouse was built on pole piling with floors made of wood, making it impossible to use a forklift or roll a heavy float across the floor. Everything had to be moved by hand trucks or floats. As one of our oldest facilities, the history behind the Greenville service center is heartwarming and reminds us of who we are and how far we’ve come,” said Southeastern President W.T. “Tobin” Cassels, Southeastern Freight Lines. “As we celebrate this 60-year milestone with our talented team, we look forward to continued growth in the region. Our new service center will provide capacity to our valued customers for many years to come.”

The Greenville service center was the 6th service center opened by Southeastern Freight Lines since its founding in 1950. The company now operates 89 service centers spanning 13 states, Canada and Puerto Rico, and has undergone numerous upgrades in trucks and technologies.