Strategic Marine has signed an order to build three ‘Brevity’-class crew transfer vessels (CTVs) from Chartwell Marine. The Brevity-class 27-meter catamaran design forms part of Chartwell’s new offshore wind support vessel range, which has seen multiple orders in the UK and USA since its launch in June 2022.

The Brevity-class vessel meets the need of the offshore wind support market for a high-powered CTV capable of cost-effective and low-emissions operation. It boasts enhanced maneuverability and stability due to its signature hull form optimization and has a capacity of 32 personnel. Multiple crew configurations enable flexibility in space planning and enhance the comfort necessary during long offshore stays.

The three Brevity CTVs are meant for a new client for the Singapore-based shipbuilder, and the order shows Strategic Marine’s confidence in Chartwell’s class-leading design expertise. As the first Chartwell project to be launched in Asia, the Brevity trio enters an exciting new proving ground in the continent’s offshore wind support market.

The International Renewable Energy Agency estimates that by 2050, Asia will account for over 60% of all offshore wind capacity installed globally. The Global Wind Energy Council expects the Asian offshore market to have installed nearly 100 GW of offshore wind capacity by 2030.

“We’ve been keen to tap into the Asian market as part of our global expansion,” says Rob Sime, Principal Naval Architect at Chartwell Marine. “Strategic Marine is a key player in the region, and we’re proud to be able to work with them on our own designs, alongside their current CTV roster. Our offshore wind range is built to be a one-stop-shop to meet the varying and increasingly complex needs of the industry, and we hope we can offer some of that support to the ongoing growth of green energy in Asia.”

CEO of Strategic Marine, Chan Eng Yew added: “Strategic Marine is committed to building vessels that will accelerate the growth of the offshore wind industry. The quality of our materials and expertise go hand in hand with Chartwell’s design philosophy of efficiency and adaptability. We are confident of their ability to deliver on both and it is important that we continue to diversify our build strategies; both to capitalize on the growing demand for specialized vessels, and to catalyze innovation in the CTV sector as Asian renewables evolve at pace alongside it.”