Logistics disruptions persist, causing longer delivery times and higher freight costs in Q4 2023. The supply chain has not fully recovered from challenges over the past three years, and the upcoming holiday season will only add to the strain. Companies need risk mitigation strategies in this unpredictable environment. To handle this, many food and beverage companies opt to outsource their logistics needs to specialized companies like G3 Enterprises’ Logistics Division to help boost their efficiency and logistics stability.

G3, based in California, with a national 3PL network, is an expert at providing logistics solutions to food and beverage companies needing assistance to source and move products both locally and nationally. The family-owned company offers its customers a full range of services, including transportation, warehousing, packaging, and built-to-suit commercial real estate solutions. G3 prides itself on using the latest technology, including real-time visibility, and monitoring, to identify potential supply chain threats and address emerging issues before they become a crisis for their food and beverage customers.

“These past years have been a real challenge for businesses that have been forced to make big decisions in areas far removed from their food or beverage business,” said Nicole Ostertag, Director of Business Development, Global Distribution for G3. She added, “Our customers take great confidence in knowing that G3 has the experience and offerings to manage their supply chain with expertise so they can focus on their core business.”

One of the biggest trends today is the growing demand for rail transportation. Rail has become one of the most important, commonly used, and cost-effective modes of transporting food and beverage products. Using rail is not limited to long cross-country hauls. Many companies use rail for short transits as it provides a cost-effective, fuel-efficient solution with lower greenhouse gas emissions. One rail carload equals about four full truckloads, which means that for every rail car shipped, it’s the equivalent of taking four semi-trucks off the road. In situations where natural disasters, road closures, congestion, and other factors disrupt the highway system, rail can deliver your products faster with more reliability.

“Rail is growing, and now we ship thousands of insulated rail cars a year. We manage our own fleet of insulated rail cars exclusively designed for our food and beverage customers,” said G3’s Ostertag. She added, “We have an extensive fleet of dry vans and intermodal options to provide our customers with the best options to move finished goods to their destination safely and on time. But transportation is just one component of an effective logistics approach. You also need access to warehouses.”

G3’s Warehouse Division can accommodate most food and beverage storage needs through a network of temperature-controlled warehouses, including many dedicated to 3PL services. The company offers warehouse space in California's Central Valley and Central Coast regions, as well as in Illinois, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Alabama, Florida, Texas, Kansas, and New Jersey.

As a 3PL Logistics provider, G3 has extensive experience with third and fourth-party logistics, which provides a unique perspective and deep understanding of the industry. G3 offers secure warehousing, handling, transportation, beverage and food storage, distribution, import/export compliance, inventory management, and value-added services. G3’s warehouse management system (“WMS”) technology and multiple years of experience translate to reliability and consistency. Through G3’s state-of-the-art WMS, customers have access to real-time visibility to track their products.

“What new customers to G3 are discovering is that we develop customized solutions to their specific needs and provide them with the latest technology to give them more control over their supply chain,” said G3’s Ostertag.

As products travel through the supply chain, G3 manages inbound freight, warehousing, value-added services, and final-mile delivery. G3 provides end-to-end expertise using the efficiencies of rail with the convenience of trucks. The company uses the latest technology, allowing its customers to track and monitor their loads in real time. Once products reach their destination, G3 generates a single invoice reflecting the entire sequence of activities.

Nicole added, “Not only do we have a wealth of experience and knowledge in the food and beverage industries, but we also have the people, technology, and expertise they want and need. Our ‘next level know-how’ is a key point of differentiation that truly benefits all our customers.”

A recent survey of logistics experts on the status of the U.S. supply chain generated media attention. Logistics experts were asked when the supply chain would return to “normal,” and only 19% of the respondents believed it would occur in 2023; 30% said in 2024 and another 29% said after 2025.

To prevent continued disruptions in the food and beverage supply chain, third-party logistics is becoming the preferred option for many companies to mitigate inventory challenges and shipment delays and to meet their warehouse space needs. Given the complexities of the food and beverage industries, partnering with G3 provides effective customized solutions for these industries. G3 provides in-depth knowledge based on experience to enable its customers to stay current on their shipments and ever-changing conditions.