Transportation Intermediaries Association (TIA), the voice of third-party logistics (3PL), announced today that 29 logistics professionals have been granted the professional designation of Certified Transportation Broker (CTB). The CTB is the 3PL industry’s premier and most widely recognized designation and is earned after a rigorous four-month course and comprehensive examination.

"This latest graduating class of Certified Transportation Brokers embodies the best in the 3PL industry," said TIA President & CEO Anne Reinke. "Their commitment to obtaining the CTB, the hallmark credential for our industry, reflects their commitment to continuous improvement in an extraordinarily competitive atmosphere. Congratulations to our newest Certified Transportation Brokers!"

TIA congratulates the following logistics professionals on receiving the CTB designation following their successful completion of the comprehensive Second Trimester 2021 CTB examination:

Alecia O'Hara, CTB | PartnerShip, LLC

Brent A. West, CTB | RFG Logistics

Brian J. McKnight, CTB | Automated Logistics Systems

Chris Strecker, CTB | Automated Logistics Systems

Connor J. Hagner, CTB | ROAR Logistics

Connor J. Kane, CTB | ROAR Logistics

Craig Simpson, CTB | Blakeman Transportation

Dee Boeckel, CTB | Bedrock Logistics

Gerald Henderson, CTB | Conduit Logistics

Gerry McDevitt, CTB | Mohawk Global Logistics Corp.

Geuris Ramos, CTB | Phoenix Global Logistics

Heath Webb, CTB | Blakeman Transportation

Ian M. Harned, CTB | RLS Logistics

Jeremy Filar, CTB | Automated Logistics Systems

Jonathan M. Passman, CTB | ROAR Logistics

Joseph Hedrick, CTB | JBS Logistics & Warehousing

Kelsie Kerkman, CTB | JBS Logistics & Warehousing

Kerry L. Shonsky, CTB | Sunrise Logistics

Kevin Pifer, CTB | ROAR Logistics

Kristin McLeod, CTB | LST Brokerage

Maria Costanza Ospina, CTB | Bedrock Logistics

Mark Gaudard, CTB | ROAR Logistics

Mark A. Peterson, CTB | Pride Group Logistics

Michael Allen DeLong, CTB | Bedrock Logistics, LLC

Nina Rossi, CTB | Blakeman Transportation

Rocco Corrunker, CTB | Automated Logistics Systems

Ryan Palleschi, CTB | Shaker Logistics

Ulaiasi Tj Tauaalo, CTB | Addison Transportationransportation

Wilson P. Lockwood, CTB | ROAR Logistics

TIA's CTB allows brokers to gain a competitive edge and set themselves apart from their peers with the 3PL industry’s leading professional designation. The knowledge attained through the CTB allows brokers to stand out from their peers and industry competitors with credible and sound reasoning to help their client and customer base move their goods cost-effectively and efficiently.