The Transportation Intermediaries Association (TIA) - the only organization exclusively representing transportation intermediaries of all disciplines doing business in domestic and international commerce – released an updated version of its Framework to Combat Fraud: Preventing & Responding to Fraud and Theft.

This comprehensive 40-page framework examines the latest trends in fraud in the supply chain and assists members in developing and implementing their own policies and procedures to reduce potential fraud and theft of cargo.

“Every day we expose ourselves to many risks in our businesses,” said Chairman of the TIA Fraud Taskforce Dan O’Sullivan. “We are trusting people that, in most cases, we have never met to move products around the country that are worth exponentially more than the rates earned for moving those products. How we manage those risks improves our bottom lines and protects our customers,”

The five types of fraud that are covered in the framework with detailed case studies include: cargo theft, financial theft, identity theft, internal theft, and data/information theft.

“Every day the criminals that plague our industry with fraudulent activities are constantly adapting their strategies and looking for new segments of the supply chain to take advantage,” said Anne Reinke, president & CEO of TIA. “For industry stakeholders to stay one step ahead, we all need to collaborate and information share ideas and approaches to combat this rampant issue.”